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$20 Challenge progress

March 14th, 2006 at 08:19 pm

I did well on E-Bay this past weekend. Here are the totals;

Toy - $19.24 profit
Toy - $20.82 profit
Toy - $17.34 profit (set)
Starbucks card - $ 3.71 profit
Game - $65.70 profit

The Starbucks card sold for $4.98, and has a $5.00 value - go figure! By the time I pay the listing fee, final value fee, Paypal fee, and a stamp it goes down to $3.71. Those darn fees add up fast. This week's total for E-Bay came to $126.81.

I have $203.12 for the $20.00 challenge right now. Tomorrow I'll go out and see what books I can find to sell online.

Work has been busy and challenging the past few days as I learn more about how to do things. I like it a lot, and hopefully I'll continue to like it. We have bills to catch up on now and need more of an emergency fund. I keep trying to decide what to do with the $20 challenge money. Do I pay down debt? Establish a savings account?

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