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Salvation Army and the library

March 17th, 2006 at 08:23 pm

I picked up some more books to sell this past Wednesday. I spent $13 at the library and $9.36 at the Salvation Army. Some of them are for the kids and me to read, but most will be just to sell. I have a bookcase in the family room chock full of items to sell. I put them in alphabetical order for quick and easy access. Some weeks are better than others, but I usually sell several a week. Sometimes I go to the post office if I have errands in that direction, and sometimes I weigh the packages and print my own postage. If I send at least one item Priority mail, the items go on the front porch and the mail-lady picks them up for no additional charge. Earlier this week, I put 11 packages on the porch and they were picked up. Very nice when the weather's not nice, I don't have errands near the post office, or if I'm mailing a lot of items.

I use Endicia as my online postage service. It's easy to use, and the fee is $9.95 a month. Between E-Bay and the amount of books I sell, it saves that much (and more) in gasoline alone, not to mention the convenience.

$20 challenge total - $186.61

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