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Bank deposit

May 24th, 2006 at 10:54 pm

Today while I was running errands I went to the bank to add to the $20 challenge savings account. I've been saving a percentage of my paycheck and today I added $60 to my saving account. I was delighted to see that the total is $715.26 saved.

This branch seems to always be slow. It's not the tellers, it's the customers. Today there was the woman, totally ignoring the fact that there were six people waiting in line, asking question after question about saving accounts, certificates of deposit, etc.

Let me tell you that the teller helping her is someone that I like. She said "Why don't you go over to the sit-down area, and someone is ready to help you there with your questions?" The woman said "No, I'm OK", and wanted more information. The teller said "You may be OK, but the people behind you are waiting for us to finish here. It would make more sense for me to assist them, and for someone to help you that can give you the detailed answers that you need."

It was so awesome. She said it in a nice but firm way. I know that anyone that has to deal with customers needs to keep them happy, but a little common sense is a good thing too. Luckily the woman took it the right way and went to be helped where she should have gone in the first place.

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