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Online book sales

June 4th, 2006 at 05:09 pm

Here are some books that I have sold recently;

Candy - $6.57 profit

Death On The Installment Plan - $7.96 profit

I Know This Much Is True - $1.91 profit

Into Love And Out Again - $4.20

Ishmael - $2.71

Bird By Bird - $6.46

The Underpants - $1.98

One Continuous Mistake - $1.69

The Sweater Letter - $17.02

The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows Of Josephine B. - $1.57

I'll be right back - I think I'm burning dinner...

OK, I'm back, and the rice has been rescued. The book sales for this time came to $52.07, and my new challenge total amount is $707.33.

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